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Albuquerque has become an epicenter of great beer regionally and the local industry is just in its infancy. There are more and more breweries winning more and more awards in the Duke City every year. In addition, more and more great breweries are opening their doors here every year, expanding our already enviable beer selection. is the place for you to keep track of everything new in beer in the Albuquerque metro-area. Our aim is to bring you everything you want to know and more about your favorite pint(s). If you are a novice, you will be able to learn a lot. If you are an expert, we will have all the information you need.

This professional industry growth has served to expand the palate of local beer drinkers and cause a boom of amateur brewers practicing brew alchemy throughout the city and surrounding areas. These home-brewers are constantly sharing knowledge and helping each other brew better and better home-brew. will have forums for you to connect with other home-brewers throughout the city and improve your craft. In addition, we will produce special articles throughout the year to entertain and educate you about the home-brewing process.