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Abita is an amber lager brewed by the Abita Brewing Company, in Abita Springs, Louisiana. Abita is the main lager served at Abita Beer Pub.

Beer Bio[]


Deep golden color with just the barest hint of orange at the edges. I'm not quite sure who it is that thinks this beer is an "amber," because it is one of the palest "ambers" I've ever sampled. I'd guess that the color is in the range of 8 or 9 on the SRM scale. The beer is very well conditioned with a nice creamy head and nice fine carbonation that keeps kicking up bubbles all the way through to the end of the glass. The clarity is absolutely brilliant and the beer looks a lot like a nice cleanly brewed Munich helles.


Sugary sweet smell with some butterscotch that could be either lots of crystal malt or perhaps moderately high diacetyl levels. It's odd to find a house signature so prominent as this, but the strongly sugary smell is something that I've picked up in several of the Abita beers that I've recently sampled.


Light and refreshing, soft and smooth. The beer is sweet and balanced primarily towards the malt side, tasting of pale and crystal malts. There's a little bit of apple fruitiness in there too. I get very little hops on this beer, with no discernible hop flavor and a short-lived aftertaste with no lingering bitterness. As I work my way towards the bottom of the glass and it warms a bit, the malt becomes even softer but more pronounced with a stronger fruit and caramel edge to it.