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Bee Creek Brewery is a craft/micro brewery based in Brazil, Indiana, USA.



  • Hoosier Honey Wheat
  • Clay County Coffee Stout
  • Bee Creek Blonde Ale



Has spread distribution to include most of Indiana.


Six packs? Bombers?


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Bee Creek Brewery is a family business that nestles comfortably in an old growth forest of immense Maples, bush tangles, and surrounding thickets in Clay County, Indiana.

Established on May 7th 2007 by Dr. Frank Forster, wife Julie, and Julie's big brother, Mark Snelling, the brewery was christened Bee Creek for the stream cutting through the center of the property.

The Forster's are dynamic owners. Not satisfied to manage from the front office, Julie and Dr. Frank are hands-on, day-to-day problem solvers.

Then there is Bee Creek's signature ales; a product of Brewmaster Mark Snelling's accomplished recipes of hops, honey, wheat, yeast and magical elements. A navy veteran, he commands over 25 years brewing experience.

Ingredients are loaded by hand into waiting vats to begin their arduous trek through the stainless steel and copper tributaries of the brewing process. The makings are boiled into a thick mash and then fermented into journey's end; an exquisite ale.

It is Mike Godsey's task to maintain the brewery. Mike's technical wizardry keeps the lights running, the machinery whirring, the refrigeration cooling, the tanks fermenting, and above all, the bottles brimming with delicious ales.

Then there is Miss Tycha Donathan, an irrepressible Blonde that manages the scientifically impossible task of being everywhere at once. She not only is the prime company marketer, but the lead technician in charge of sterilizing hoses, tanks, and storage facilities.

Bee Creek Brewery is indeed a family.....uncompromising in their faith in each other.....uncompromising in their pursuit of authentic ales that reflect both the rustic flavors and the heartfelt values of Indiana.