Beer Wiki

This is a guide to some of the terms and vocabulary used in the game of beer pong:

Blowing: This technique is used to make a ball that is rimming the cup from going in. By blowing the ball while it spins around the rim of the cup often the ball will not drop into the cup. Some ban this technique or only allow girls to do this.

Formation: This refers to the manner in which the cups are arranged on the table. The variations include 6, 10 and 12 cups and cups may be required to be spaced, touching or random.

Get them back: This is a phrase used in a game using 2 balls. To "get the back" if each of the team members shoot their ball in a cup they get both balls back again for another turn. If a team makes every shot and continues getting their balls back the other team has the possibility of only getting one shot.

Let it ride: This phrase refers to a manner of playing in which no ball interference is allowed. This means know blowing or swatting. See the respective definitions.

Not spaced: This is a style of cup formation in which all of the cups are touching in the arrangement.

Redemption: This is an opportunity for a team to come back in the game. After the opposing team has made all of your cups, you team has a chance to shoot at their cups until you miss. If you hit all of their cups as well you tie the game and once you miss (if there are cups left) you lose. In order to resolve a tie game see your house or establishment rules.

Reform: Also known as a re-rack. This is the re-arrangement of the formation of the cups. Different versions of beer pong do not allow this. Some examples of reforms include: a diamond for four cups and a triangle for three cups.

Spaced Cups: This is a style of cup formation in which all of the cups have space between them. They may be even;y or randomly spaced.

Sudden Death: This means that when the last cup is hit the game is order. Basically there is no chance for redemption.

Swatting: This is the action of hitting the ball so it does not hit one of your cups. If the ball bounces you can swat it away from your cups. In some games this is not allowed.