Beer Wiki

Welcome to the Beer Wiki, a beer reference and community site that anyone can edit.

Got beer?[]

There are tens of thousands of beers in the world. You can drink the same few beers over and over, all the time, or you can explore the incredible variety of beer that is out there - beer that is often quite excellent. The Beer Wiki is dedicated to the fascinating and versatile beverage of beer. With a special focus on smaller breweries from around the world, this Wikia aims to be the site for information on breweries that are not as well-known outside their respective regions, but may indeed be qualified for world fame.

The Beer Wiki also aims to provide a platform for promoting breweries with non-existing marketing budgets, but with excellent products.

Our Goal[]

From a community of beer drinkers to a community of beer drinkers. Large and small, famous and not so much, we want to create a definitive collection of information about the places, people, and everything about beer.

Let's not duplicate Wikipedia, but rather, dig a little deeper into the varieties, brews, breweries, and history. Have a favorite beer? Post the label, and any contact information to local microbrews that people might like to sample.



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