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Belgian Ale is one of the popular types of beer in Belgium.

Ale Types[]

There are several types of ale made in Belgium, ranging from amber to brown ales..

Amber Ale[]

These are beers similar to the traditional English pale ales but less bitterly hopped. Some, such as Vieux Temps ales were based on British styles to please troops stationed in Belgium during World War I. Others were introduced by the UK-born brewer George Maw Johnson in the late 19th century. Wallonian amber or ambrée ale, such a La Gauloise Ambrée, is considered to be somewhat distinct by some beer enthusiasts and more in the French style of amber ales.

Blonde Ale[]

Blonde Ales are a variation of pale ales, usually made from pilsner malt. Some distinguish between golden and pale ales while others do not. The style is popular with Wallonian brewers, the slightly hazy Moinette being the best-known example. Chouffe can be considered a spiced version (with coriander). They also have the saaz hop added into them to give a refreshing beer and live a pleasing after taste to the person drinking it.

Brown Ale[]

Brown ales are typically darker than amber or pale ales, and sometimes less sour and less strong than other brown ale counterparts.