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Les brasseurs du nord, more commonly known as Boréale, is a Quebec microbrewery located just north of Montreal, in Blainville, Quebec.

Founded in 1987 by Laura Urtnowsky, and brothers Bernard and Jean Morin, three students at the UQAM (Université du Québec à Montréal), who paid their way through school selling home made beer, decided to try their hand at establishing a commercial brewery. Thanks to a small loan, the company was established. The students loaded their first four kegs in the back of the family Subaru and went looking for their first client. They managed to convince 4 bars in Montreal to carry the brew, and the resulting surge in demand helped the company expand several times.

The resulting company has been a commercial success, and is currently the number 2 microbrewery in Quebec. They account for just over 1% of the total beer sales in the province of Québec (their products are not sold outside Quebec).

The company was named after the Aurora Borealis, and the label features a polar bear above the word Boréale. They currently brew six ale-type beers, Boréale Rousse (launched in 1988), Boréale Blonde (launched in 1990), Boréale Cuivrée, Boréale Noire, Boréale Dorée and Boréale Blanche. Current production is at 70 000 hL, equivalent to 850 000 cases of 24 bottles.


  • Boréale Rousse ("Red")
  • Boréale Blonde
  • Boréale Noire ("Black")
  • Boréale Cuivrée ("Copper")
  • Boréale Dorée ("Golden")
  • Boréale Blanche ("White")


These brews can be purchased at most dépanneurs (corner stores) in Québec