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Creemore Springs is a microbrewery located in Creemore, Ontario, which first opened in 1987.The brewery is known for not using preservatives during the brew process, or pasteurizing afterwards. Because of this, they recommend perpetual refrigeration.

Their flagship beer is a Bohemian Czech Lager style, much more amber in color than Pilsner Urquell (which the brewery has said is the inspiration for their beer).

Creemore Springs was acquired by Molson on April 22, 2005.

They were the second Ontario brewer – after Hockley Valley – to offer their product for sale in cans.

In 2009 Creemore Springs applied for planning permission to expand their plant by 60% in order to triple their brewing capacity to 150,000 hL per year. The location of such as large industrial plant in downtown Creemore has generated a lot of debate.

Address: 139 Mill Street Creemore, Ontario Canada L0M 1G0


  • Creemore Springs Premium Lager
  • Creemore Springs urBock
  • Creemore Springs Traditional Pilsner
  • Creemore Springs Kellerbier


These brews can be purchased at most LCBO outlets (Liquor Control Board of Ontario) in Ontario.