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Flying Dog Brewery is a craft brewery based in Denver, Colorado but has all of their brewing operations in Frederick, Maryland at the former Wild Goose Brewing Company.

Labels feature the artwork of Ralph Steadman and quotes from Hunter S. Thompson and a dog motif. Known for big beers and an irreverent attitude. Also sponsored the Open Source Beer Project. At the end of 2007, Flying Dog was number 42 on the list of the top 50 brewing companies by sales volume and 29 out of 50 craft breweries for sales.




  • Garde Dog - Biere de Garde (Spring)
  • Woody Creek White - witbier (Summer)
  • Dogtoberfest - Märzen (Autumn)
  • K-9 Cruiser - Winter warmer (Winter)

"Wild Dogs"[]

Flying Dog also occasionally releases a specialty beer under their "Wild Dog" label. Each beer in the Wild Dog series comes in a 750ml, champagne style bottle, finished with a cork and cage. Very popular Wild Dogs make it into regular production, such as the first Wild Dog: Double Dog Double Pale Ale.

  • Double Pale Ale (2004)
  • Weizenbock (2005)
  • Colorado Saison (2006)
  • Collaborator Doppelbock (2007) - this recipe came about as a result of the Open Source Beer Project.


Available in 46 states, especially on the East and West coasts of the United States and the Rocky Mountains.


Four-, six-, twelve- and 24-packs of all beers except for the Wild Dog series, which come in 750ml bottles.


Inspired by the "gonzo" lifestyle of Hunter S. Thompson. Label art is unique.


Company began in 1990 as a brewpub in Aspen, Colorado.

Shortly after the launch of Road Dog in 1995, Flying Dog was instructed to remove it from the shelves due to the alleged use of profanity. The offending text was Ralph Steadman's inscription that simply read: "Good Beer. No Shit." They replaced the text with "Good Beer. No Censorship." Then with the help of the American Civil Liberties Union they fought to get the original text re-instated. In 2001 they prevailed.