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The Joseph Huber Brewing Company is a microbrewery based in Monroe, Wisconsin. Like many Wisconsin breweries, the Joseph Huber Brewing Company uses traditional German techniques to produce stronger-flavored, more continental brews. They claim to use about 10% more malt and 50% more hops than most domestic brews, and no artificial coloring.

The brewery offers a tour and gift shop, as well as an online tour and brewery timeline.

The brewery has hosts a blues festival called "Berghoff & Blues".

In October 2006, the brewery was sold to Ravinder Minhas and the name was changed to the Minhas Craft Brewery.



  • Berghoff Classic Pilsner
  • Berghoff Famous Bock Beer
  • Berghoff Famous Red Amber - an amber ale
  • Berghoff Genuine Dark Beer
  • Berghoff Hazlenut Winter Ale (available November–February)
  • Berghoff Hefe-Weizen
  • Berghoff Pale Ale
  • Berghoff Oktoberfest (available September–October)
  • Berghoff Original Lager Beer
  • Berghoff Solstice Wit (available March–July)


  • Huber Bock
  • Huber Light
  • Huber Premium
  • Huber Wisconsin Club


  • Rhinelander Bock
  • Rhinelander Light
  • Rhinelander Premium


Berghoff is widely available around Wisconsin. For availability elsewhere, call 608-325-3191.


Berghoff and Huber are available in bottles, while Rhinelander is sold in cans.


The Joseph Huber Brewing Company produces three different brands.


Berghoff is the most familiar and widely distributed of Joseph Huber's beers. The Joseph Huber Brewing Company won the contract to brew Berghoff beer in 1960 and purchased the Berghoff brands outright in 1995.


The first Huber-named brew, Huber Premium, was brewed in 1947 following the brewery's name change from Blumer Brewing Company to Joseph Huber Brewing Company.


When the Rhinelander Brewery ceased production in 1967, the Joseph Huber Brewing Company continued making two of its brews, Rhinelander Bock and Rhinelander Premium. Joseph Huber also introduced Rhinelander Light.


  • The Joseph Huber Brewing Company was founded in 1845. It changed names several times until stockholders voted unanimously to rename the brewery after Joseph Huber in 1947.
  • In 2003, the company introduced a line of bottled soda called Blumer's.
  • During Prohibition, the brewery produced a near beer called Golden Glow.