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The König Brewery is situated in the Beeck area of Duisburg, it brews the well known König Pilsener.


Theodor König was born in 1825 at Üppenhagen farm (in what is known today as Selm-Cappenberg); in 1858, he opened a brewery in the country district of Beeck which, at that time, did not yet form part of the city of Duisburg. He brewed lager in the Pilsener style, despite the fact that this bottom-fermented style of beer was relatively unpopular at the time. First records of the brand “König Pilsener” appear in 1911. At first, König Pilsener was known for its bitter hoppiness; later, the beer was consistently adapted to the requirements of a premium lager intended for mass consumption.

On 1 February 2000, the König brewery became a subsidiary of the Holsten Group; this group was then sold to the Danish Carlsberg concern in the course of 2004. Carlsberg broke up the Holsten Group, selling the König and Licher breweries to Bitburger Holdings.