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Minhas Creek Brewing Company known under their company: Mountain Crest Brewing Company is a beer company based in Calgary, Alberta founded in 2003 by two Canadians, Manjit & Ravinder Minhas, a sister-brother team.


  • Mountain Crest Classic Lager
  • Mountain Crest Gold Lager
  • Lazy Mutt Farmhouse Ale
  • Boxer Lager
  • Clear Creek Ice
  • Mountain Crest Pilsner
  • Rani Indian Lager
  • Jack's American Lager
  • Axehead Extreme Extra Strong Lager
  • Perfect 10 Extra Strong Beer
  • Peelers Mojito
  • Peelers Orange Squeeze


The beer produced in this line are extremely cheaply made and notable mostly for their price point, which fights to be below everything else on the market. Reviews of the beer are generally unfavourable on sites like, where the flagship Mountain Crest Classic Lager actually receives a 2% overall rating.