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Nøgne Ø is a Norwegian brewery founded in 2002 from Grimstad, Norway.

Nøgne ø logo

The brewery name, Nøgne Ø, is old Danish for "Naked Isle". It was selected from a well-known 19th century Norwegian poem called Terje Vigen by Henrik Ibsen, who worked for a time as an apprentice pharmacist in Grimstad.

The brewery brews a large range of different beers, with a standard range available year-round and a seasonal range.

Nøgne Ø is perhaps the Norwegian microbrewery that is most well-known outside Norway.

In 2009, about 50% of the production was exported to Denmark, Sweden, Finland, Belgium, Netherlands, Italy, Spain, USA, Canada, Australia and Japan.


Nøgne Ø has also brewed Sake (Nihonshu / 日本酒) with the label name Hadaka-jima (裸島), which is a translation to Japanese of the Norwegian name.