Beer Wiki

Pacific Plate Brewing Company is a nanobrewery located in Monrovia, CA. It was founded in 2012.


  • Agave Wheat
    Agave Wheat beer is light bodied American-style wheat beer brewed with agave syrup which is extracted from the roots of the Agave plant. The light body and neutral yeast character of this beer compliments its delicate hoppiness. This is the perfect refreshing summer brew.
  • Bavarian Hefeweiss Bier
    A German Hefeweizen that is full bodied and deep golden in color. Our Bavarian Hefewiess Bier is brewed in accordance with the Reinhitsgebot (German beer purity law) and contains only malts, hops, yeast and water. It features a strong banana and clove flavor. These flavors are byproducts of a vigorous fermentation using the classic Bavarian Hefeweizen yeast. The suspend yeast gives the beer a cloudy appearance and a tart and refreshing quality.
  • Cardomom Ginger Saison
    This Belgian Farmhouse Ale is brewed with 100% Belgian Pilsner Malt and spiced with fresh ground ginger root and Guatemalan Cardamom. It is fermented with a unique Belgian strain of yeast that contributes tartness and notes of black pepper.
  • Mango IPA
    This medium bodied American IPA is brewed with new experimental HBC 342 hops that lend a citrusy and tropical flavor and aroma. After primary fermentation we add a ton of fresh Mango puree. The tropical notes in both the hops and Mango compliment the assertive bitterness and hop character. 
  • Copa De Oro
    This Belgian Golden Ale is flavored with fresh orange zest and coriander which impart a nice citrusy character to compliment the spicy and fruity yeast strain. A beautiful golden color this beer truly is a cup of gold.
  • English Mild Ale
    This traditional English draft beer is the original sessions beer. The grist is composed of various crystal and toasted malts. It is fairly dark and malty with minimal hop character. It is low in alcohol and light in body body allowing one to enjoy of night of drinking without the effects of too much alcohol consumption. Made popular in the early to mid 20th century in London and the English Midlands.
  • Horchata Stout
    Pacific Plate’s Horchata Stout is a rare offering. Based on a traditional English Milk Stout, it is generously flavored with pure cocoa, fresh Mexican cinnamon, Madagascar bourbon vanilla beans, and sweetened naturally with milk sugar. The rich milky body and decadent chocolate flavor complimented with the cinnamon and vanilla provide a luxurious drinking experience. Contains Lactose.


  • Southern California