Radegast is a [[<light beer>]] brewed by [[<Czech brewery of the same name>]].

Brewer's descriptionEdit

Radegast is brewed since 1970 and it's the youngest beer in Czech republic. Brewery Radegast is the part of Pilsner Urqeul brewery since 1999. Radegast is the producer of two typical types of Czech beer, classic light beer and also lager beer. It contains 3,8 - 5,1% of alcohol. This beer is typical for Valachian resort and for Beskydy mountains. It's very popular and bitter. The holder of the name Radegast was originally the pagan god of harvesting and hospitality

Awards Edit

1992 the first owner of certificate of quality in the Czech republic

 1996 international award of quality
 1999 ecological certificate

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