Beer Wiki

Rock Bottom is a chain of brewpubs with locations throughout the United States.


Kölsch This golden, straw-colored ale is light in body with subtle fruit flavors and a crisp, floral hop finish.

White Ale Pale and with a touch of haze, this ale gets its unique flavor from orange peel, coriander and Belgian yeast.

Red Ale Flavorful and complex, our Red Ale is copper in color and medium-bodied with a rich malt profile. Crystal hops lend a robust, fruity hop character for balance.

India Pale Ale This classic, golden-hued ale is brewed with the finest hand-selected hops from the Pacific Northwest for an assertive, citrus hop flavor.

Special Dark For those who prefer a rich, roasted flavor to their beer, enjoy our ever-changing parade of stouts, porters and other special dark beers. Ask your server what’s on tap!

And probably one of these unique customized beers too!

Light Lager A great introduction to the world of microbrews, but not necessarily “lite.”

Wheat beer Often unfiltered, these light-colored, refreshing Ales are often fruity with hints of pineapple and orange.

Red or Amber ale A touch more body and a caramel, toffee sweetness from the malt.

Brown ale Darker in color, but not much heavier in flavor, these Ales are also on the maltier side and impart a chocolate or roasted flavor.

Pale ale Caramel in color, these are hoppier beers with assertive fruit and pine hop flavors.

Dark “Rich,” “full flavor,” “dark,” “roasted” and “smooth” are some of the words used to describe dark beer. Stout and Porter are the most common of the styles.


Their brewing philosophy includes a few key guidelines: The highest quality ingredients produce the highest quality beer.

  • Pay attention, from grain to glass.
  • Fresh beer is the best beer.
  • Beer made here is eco-groovy.
  • Our brewers are tireless students of their craft.