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Samael's Ale is a Strong Ale brewed by Avery Brewing Company. It is packaged in 12 ounce bottles and is available throughout the U.S.

Suggested pairings[]

With a heavy meal or by its heavy self. --Betty Pipetti


Jan, at Steve's Liquors in Madison, Wisconsin says 'Let the temperature come up a bit or it's going to feel really hot on the mouth...but then after that, each sip is a whole new world of flavors.' The label art reminds me a bit of the character Samael in the Lucifer graphic novels.

If you like Burgundian brews, this has it going on, in the bottom notes and peripheral taste. If you don't like Burgundian brews you might still like this because of the intriguing, complex sweetness. Also the body of the beer is different than the Burgundian brews, being both more solid and more drinkable, but with an easy fizziness. This is one that tastes strong without tasting bitter or sour. The warming sensation of drinking it is definite, but its strength does not produce a knock-down drag-out kind of feeling! --Betty Pipetti


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