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Samuel Adams is the signature beer of the The Boston Beer Company.  There are over 60 varieties of beer brewed under this label.


Samuel Adams Varieties[]

  1. Boston Lager The original Samuel Adams beer. Brewed w/ Bavarian Noble hops. The balance of malty sweetness & hop spiciness in this brew sets the standard of all Samuel Adams beers.
  2. Boston Ale A smooth, refined version of a classic ale, first brewed in 1988. This classic American ale was first brewed to celebrate the opening of the Samuel Adams Boston brewery. Originating over a century ago, stock ales are aged carefully in cool rooms called "Stock cellars". This ale is smoother than most ales & richer than most lagers w/ a round robust taste.
  3. Tasman Red A red IPA sold in the Ihopology variety 12 pack
  4. Summer Ale
  5. Octoberfest Samuel Adams version of the traditional seasonal beer, released September -October each year.