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Snake Chaser is a stout brewed by Lakefront Brewery.


  • Type: Stout
  • Flavoring: A hint of cocoa with the traditional Stout experience.
  • Alcohol by volume: Not listed on the bottle nor the website so far, but we'll add it when we find out!
  • Availability: Several places in the Midwest Carry Lakefront Brews, and some other places around the country carry their "New Grist" rice/sorghum gluten-free beer, and possibly other Lakefront products.
  • Packaging: I found the Snake Chaser brew in a six pack.

Would taste good with[]

A glass of water and a toast to the good folks of the Emerald Isle!


The store I went to didn't have the particular brand of oatmeal stout I was in the mood for, and since it was St. Patty's day weekend, I decided to try Snake Chaser Irish Style Stout. Since it's a Lakefront product this is Irish Stout by way of Milwaukee!

The label art here is a lot of fun. Elegant Celtic style lettering surrounds a painting that looks like a cartoonish version of a medieval representation of a saint, complete with the golden rays emanating from his saintly head. We can only presume this depicts Saint Patrick, and he is waving a serpentine scepter with one hand, while pointing the other hand admonishingly at a giant serpent with an almost Chinese-dragon style head. A great combination of old-fashioned styles and colors, with a modern sense of humor. I love label art! Can ya tell?

Until this week I had never seen this brand of beer before, and found it to be a robust adventure. Creamy foam pervades the mouthfeel. The taste has a hint of sourness amidst the moderately sweet fizz, and the aftertaste is sort of enigmatic, with just a faint hint of cocoa in the finish. You might find this one different than any other stout you've had. It definitely stands out from the other fine Irish and Irish-style brews that are selling so well this St. Patrick's Day weekend, and every other weekend! --Betty Pipetti


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