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Upland Brewing Company is a craft/micro brewery based in Bloomington, Indiana, USA. It is owned by Doug Dayhoff and it's head brewer is Caleb Staton.



  • Bad Elmer's Porter
  • Dragonfly IPA
  • Double Dragonfly Imperial IPA
  • Helios Ale
  • Preservation Pilsner
  • Rad Red Amber Ale
  • Upland Wheat Ale


  • Infinite Wisdom Tripel
  • Ard Ri Imperial Red Ale
  • Badder Elmer's Baltic Porter
  • Lightweave Belgian Pale
  • Maibock
  • Oktoberfest Lager
  • Schwarz Black Lager
  • Komodo Dragonfly Black IPA
  • Teddy Bear Kisses
  • Valley Weizen
  • Winter Warmer Barley Wine
  • Baddest Elmer’s Bourbon Barrel Baltic Porter
  • Bourbon Barrel TBK Imperial Stout
  • Bourbon Barrel Warmer
  • Cherry BB TBK
  • Nut Hugger Brown Ale
  • Upcup Winner
  • Banshee Strong Scotch Ale


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They’ve been brewing beer in Bloomington, Indiana since 1998 – award winning ales, lagers, and sours – with our own unique twists on traditional recipes. Along the way, we’ve made lots of friends and drank our unfair share of good beer, all while trying to do good in our communities and do well as a craft brewery. We’ve never employed business consultants, ad agencies, or gurus of anything. For better or worse, we’ve done it all ourselves.

The name “Upland” comes from the Norman and Crawford Uplands, the term geologists gave to our area because several glaciers advanced and retreated across Indiana. The raised highlands or “uplands” were never overrun by the glaciers, resulting in a region of rugged, heavily wooded hills and hollows. The land was beautiful but poor, and life was not easy for early settlers. This adversity bred independent thinkers who had strong wills, a connection to the land, and a wry sense of humor about life. Our approach to brewing beer honors the spirit of these people and this place.