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A beer produced in Warka Brewery since 1975 r. followed by Żywiec and Elbląg breweries.

Name and history[]

Name originates from the name of the city it comes from. Warka term is also used as a measure of beer obtained within one brew. In the past Warka was brewed in variety of styles with different amount of hop extract and alcohol volume. Among others, Warka Brewery produced Warka Beer Strong 7,8% ABV and 16,3% hop extract, dark lager Warka with 13% hop extract and 7,8% ABV.

Warka brewing tradition dates back to the fifteenth century. Already back then, within current Warka city area, there was an alcoholic barley drink produced. In the year of 1478 the city received from Mazovian Prince, Bolesław the Fifth, a privilege to be a sole supplier of local beer to his ducal court and selling it from the Warsaw Town Hall basement. Historical chronicles say that in sixteenth century there was 30 brewers (for comparison: in much greater Warsaw there was 38 of them). The city itself got its name either from the most important brew processes - wort or straight from the word "Warka" which is a brew measure.

Historical information, legends and literary works confirm the fact, that beer from Warka city, valued for taste, clarity and colour, was present on feast tables throughout the country.

Fun facts[]

There is a tale related with Warka beer. One time Hipolit Aldobrandini (later pope Klemens VIII) while being in Poland he really enjoyed the taste of Warka beer. Back in Rome Hipolit got sick and while lying in bad he said: "...sancta piva di Polonia... sancta biera di Warka..." , all the gathered prists thought he was talking about some saint named Piva (beer) and they started to pray: "Santa Piva ora pro nobis" ("Saint Piva, pray for us"). Hipolit burst out laughing and the abscess burst and he started to get better.

Types of beer[]

Warka beer has several types: